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Advanced Solid Electrolytes: Crystalline Hydrates and/or Eutectics of Alkaline Hydroxides

Senior scientist of Ioffe Institute, St-Petersburg, RF baikov.solid@gmail.com http://www.solidionic.com

The pioneering investigation of the electrochemical activity of certain ionic heterostructures with solid electrolyte KOH·2H2O (Tmelt=315 K) is due to basic and applied interest in. The special study of different chemical elements of IV group (C, Si, Sn, Pb) as electrodes of electrochemical cells with hydroxide superprotonic conductor as electrolyte has been performed. EMF (1,2 – 1,3
V) and exchange currents (0,1-1 mA/cm2) of ‘C | KOH·2H2O | TiFe’ and ‘C | KOH·2H2O |
Sn’ have been shown to be adequate to work as low-power sources for electronic devices. They are factually batteries from cheap materials without any catalysts. The scientific justification of the opportunity to use such combinations in electrochemical devices has been based on the study of physical nature of different types of heterojunctions. The isotopic shift of the electromotive forces and isotopic (HD) exchange between TiFeHx – electrodes and KOH·2H2O- electrolytes have been studied specially to prove the formation of protonic heterojunction in the electrochemical cell ‘C | KOH·2H2O | TiFe’. The metal-protonic heterojunction for
‘C | KOH·2H2O | Sn’ characterized by enough high exchange current has been studied firstly.
The semiconductor-protonic heterojunction in the heterostructure ‘C | KOH·2H2O | Si’ could be considered as the opportunity of the harmonical combination of small-sized electronic devices with batteries like studied here.
Key words: low-power battery, protonic conductor, graphite, stannum, silicon
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Advanced Solid Electrolytes: Crystalline Hydrates and-or Eutectics of Alkaline Hydroxides

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