TIN Hydroxide Protonic GRAPHITE cells

February 18th, 2015

electrochemical cell as power source

  • simple and cheap materials
  • room temperatures
  • simple procedure for the formation of cell
  • could work as battery or rechargeable battery, or even as EDLC

Очень простая модель Электрохимической Ячейки. Может быть использована для занятий школьников студентов и даже быть объектом для кандидатской диссертации. Дешевые материалы

  • простая сборка
  • без катализаторов!
  • работает как батарейка!

“Intermetallic TiFe – protonic electrolyte – Graphite” assembly.

Crystallization of KOH.2H2O and electrode materials (TiFe, C(graphite)

TiFe is well known material for hydrogen accumulation. It was prepared in the form of “nail” by special procedure in Ioffe Institute, St-Peterburg,Russia. This figure demonstrates the solid state of assembly. (The match and the commercial battery are shown for scale).

Hydrates were prepared by mixing the commercial KOH (85 wt%) and distilled water.

Initial EMF of such assemblies were 0.3 -0.4 V

EMF ≈1.1 -1.2 V arose after charging procedure from extrenal source. TiFe is negative electrode, C(graphite) is positive electrode.

TiFe…C rechargeable battery is the power source for this electronic watch.

To get better photo protective cover was removed

  1. Nikolai Uvarov
    January 31st, 2012 at 17:20 | #1

    The idea is good. The cell is simple and easy in preparation in use.
    But what is about the current? For better demonstration it would be useful to put nearby voltmeter and ampermeter.

  2. Yury Baykov
    January 31st, 2012 at 18:03 | #2

    About current…. Firstly you can see them on Voltage -Current Curves for instance. On special figures “Isotopic effect …” It is the pair of loops black and red ones.
    For me using the electronic clocr is usefull from two points -demonstrtion and determination how long it work. If someone would like to get kiloeuro per square nanometer, he must use special treated electroes sides. I proposed modestly small-sizez and low-drain power sources. Such sources is useful for growing microelectronc/ There 1o-50 nanoamphere is very good.
    Besides my man power is also limited. I hope что могущество России будет прирастать Сибирью

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